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Emilia Clarke and Natalie Dormer attend the opening of the 5th Avenue Flagship Boutique (5.04)

Harold update, for the curious:

Alive. Swimming. Eating. All seems well. 

 stupidswampwitch said:… apparently these work, though i’ve never had motion sickness so i can’t personally comment on their effectiveness

You are a goddess. I’m legitimately about to buy some of these—researching them now and they seem to be very well-reviewed, stupid-looking wristbands and all. If they keep me from feeling vommy every time I ride the train, I’ll make the ~style sacrifice~


Is there a way any of you guys know of to preemptively prevent or actively treat motion sickness (aka not just popping a pill every time I think it might happen)? I’ve been getting incredibly motion sick on the T lately and it’s miserable.

phone is almost dead for the train ride home

so i’ll finally have to continue my attempts to read the pocket edition of the brothers karamazov that i’ve been carrying around

like kill me now please

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer photographed by Peter Yang.

like jesus fucking christ i get a more than few anons every week asking me who i’m banging or if i’m banging anyone

those messages almost always get  d e l e t e d 

but i’m trying to make a point here, so read closely:

it’s none of your damn business and this blog is easily searchable and consciously associated with my  

f u l l  n a m e 

because that’s a choice i’ve made that i’m comfortable with so why would i then put such personal info on blast??? 

and like i like to think that i’m defined by more than who i’m fucking with or not, thanks

if it’s really that pressing, message me off anon so i can yell at you about how it’s none of your damn business via private message

if you’re messaging me inquiries about my personal life while on anon you’re probably far below my standards anyway, tbh

Anonymous asked:
Do you got a man

how many times do i have to tell you guys that i won’t talk in detail about my love life on this damn website anymore

how many times


Lenny loves to be petted and doesn’t even flinch when Maxx the Cat decides to hit him in the face with his tail.


New Map Project: Highways of the United States

At long last, I can finally unveil my (almost) completed map project that i’ve been working on since May 31, 2012. Yes, 2012!

I’ve given plenty of teasers about this project over the last two years, but I still think the final scale of it will amaze you. Not only have I created a map of the entire United States that shows every single last active and numbered Interstate Highway and U.S. Route (both two- and three-digit), but I’ve also broken the map down into separate state and regional maps. So far, I’ve made 33 of these maps and there’s another 11 to go to complete the set. There aren’t 48 state maps because some of them are just too small to show individually (I’m looking at you, Rhode Island!). These are included in regional maps like New England or Chesapeake (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC).

More details about the project and better image previews can be found on my main design website. Head on over to read about the main US map, or about the individual state and regional maps.

Posters in a variety of sizes are available in my brand new shop. Orders taken up to the end of the month of April are pre-orders; I expect to begin shipping in the first week of May.

Comments, reblogs, likes, and shares are appreciated to spread the word! Let me know what you think, or let me know if you find any glaring errors.

As the daughter of city planners, I gotta give the OP big ups. These are really nicely designed and very user-friendly. 



i’ve finally found an accurate image of what i’d do if i was a bird

birb must spin



i’ve finally found an accurate image of what i’d do if i was a bird

birb must spin

These rad vintage abalone earrings tho

These rad vintage abalone earrings tho