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I got home and the dogs ate a box of my cereal, a box of my pasta, about 30 of my granola bars (I have a giant case of them), one makeup sponge, and my foundation. They also chewed up a bunch of CD cases and what looks like someone’s new textbook.

I’m most upset about the sponge and foundation. That was my favorite sponge, and foundation is EXPENSIVE.

Their owners are all out of town, of course.


What they won’t show you on CNN tonight: Ferguson residents line a parade of roses down W Florissant, leading to where Mike Brown was taken from this world. #staywoke #powerful #insolidarity 

Anonymous asked:
White squirrels are my favourite

Ya know, I’ve never seen a white squirrel, so I couldn’t say. The squirrels in Indiana are brown and the ones in Boston are gray and I like all of them

But if you meant white girls—since I’ve been talking about my disdain for white boys—and you were just trying to be funny, you missed the mark a bit, but good for you anon

We’re really not particularly exciting as a whole, if I can generalize


kellyonthefritz I love how you are working your promo job right now and posting to Tumblr at the same time. 

"Here try this shot of Bacardi 8 Años while I hit up this reblog.”

"It’s good, right? Hold up, I gotta send some fan mail real quick. Here try this one while I type this out"

"Drake, Nicki. Drake, Nicki. Bacardi, sippy."

"Should I like this post? Tell me what you think after you taste this Bacardi Select."




Candy Shop - 50 Cent feat. Olivia

I’m convinced that if this song came out today it would be equally popular

This job just feeds my general disdain for white boys in general tbh

I’ll amend that to just watching the white folks of boston try to dance in general

It’s a joy

I think my favorite thing about this job is watching cute black girls twerk on standard white boys who are very concerned about trying to look cool and not at all overwhelmed by the situation

So apparently Bacardi gave me a comfy outfit last night only to betray me tonight with what is truly the tiniest and most heinous dress they have ever made me wear (in a particularly gross shade of burnt orange)

Like I asked for a medium and literally all they had left was an extra small and I now feel extra ridiculous

But on the bright side I did all of my makeup on the bus/train and I think it looks really damn good for being applied on various forms of stop-and-go public transit



An announcement

Ok so I’m only 98% sure these things are happening bc I’m a little jaded at this point and I’m never 100% trusting in the certainty of anything until I’m actually moved in somewhere or actually starting my first day somewhere

BUT I’m gonna say it anyway:

I’m pretty sure I now suddenly have both a stable, 9-5 job and a place to live.

I’m on my grind at Helmut Lang now and I’m enjoying it, but through an exceedingly random turn of events, I was just offered a position as a personal banking rep (basically a customer-facing financial advisor) at a big international bank that has a heavy presence in Boston. It pays more than Helmut and it has normal, guaranteed hours and potential to advance and get me back into the professional world, so as of now, I’m starting in early September.

I also found a place to live, so I won’t have to be living in rental cars and friends’ places while I frantically search! My sublease is up on Sept. 2 and I cut it really close (mostly because my finances made it hard to plan anything in advance this summer), but I just saw a great apartment with some really pleasant girls (and a nice cat) in a good location for just over $600/month (which is ridiculously cheap for Boston). They want me to come sign the lease on Sunday!

I feel like I’ve been unwillingly swimming in a riptide since spring, between moving here, working for a terrible company, multiple family deaths, getting laid off, unemployment and subsequent poverty and anxiety about whether I’d be able to find a place to go, but things seem to finally be stabilizing for me.

It’s nice. Hopefully nothing big comes up and changes these two things. They seem to be pretty solid events right now, but after the past few months I’ve had, I’m so wary to call anything certain until after it’s happened.

Smh @ the men of boston

Smh @ the men of boston